Best Employee Monitoring Software for Your Remote Team in 2021

Various IT companies and business firms use employee monitoring software to keep a track of their employees’ online activities and work done by them during working hours. The employee monitoring software gives various facilities. It can prevent the company from malware attacks, online threats and the leakage of confidential information. The software can also increase the productivity level of employees which would be beneficial for the firms.

Apart from so many benefits, the employee monitoring software has some drawbacks too. It can lead to the feeling of privacy insecurity among some employees because they may think that they are being monitored even after working hours and their private information is at stake. Some employers monitor the activities of employees without telling them, which is completely wrong. In some cases, the employees may feel that their employer do not trust them. In such cases, they should be made aware about the fact that the software is not to spy them instead, it is a way to increase productivity and keep things at check as per the policies of the company.

Best Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Team

A remote team can be defined as a group of employees from different time zones, different skills and diverse cultures doing work together. The members are not physically present and hence employee monitoring software is required to track the records and keep things at check.

Below, I have mentioned about the best employee monitoring software for a remote team:

Work Examiner

Work Examiner was made by EfficientLab and, is an on-premises monitoring software, which works on Windows devices. It helps to keep the track of the productivity of employees, their activities, the time spent by them actually working and many other facilities. The software does not give a monthly subscription instead; it charges a single licensing fee. Work Examiner offers two plans: Standard Plan and Professional Plan. It also offers the facility of a free trial for 30 days for five employees. The cost of Work Examiner depends on the number of users accessing the plan. Below are the price details of the plans: –

                  Standard Plan

1-2 users                  ($60 per license)

3-24 users                ($45 per license)

25-49 users              ($40 per license)

50-99 users.             ($30 per license)

100-149 users          ($25 per license)

150+ users                (Custom quote)

                   Professional Plan

1-19 users                 ($60 per license)

20-49 users               ($45 per license)

50-99 users               ($43 per license)

100-199 users           ($40 per license)

200-299 users           ($37 per license)

300+ users                 (Custom quote)

The buyer can choose from their desired plans out of these two as per the number of the employees present in their team. Here is the Live demo link for the software.

Author: Razai