Best ways to easily obtain the USA Green Card

Are you contemplating living in America? United States? Perhaps you’ve had a glimpse of the green cardas the entry point to permanent residency to the USA. Green card holders can be able to live as well and perform work within the U.S. without any restrictions. But, the process of obtaining an immigration visa is usually long and difficult. The three most popular methods for obtaining an U.S. green card.

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1. The process of obtaining a family-based green card.

Are your parents or spouses American? In certain cases the family member could help you obtain green cards. Citizens in the United States over 21 years are able to request a green card for their children, spouse parents, siblings or parents. Furthermore those who have green cards are able to provide sponsorship to their spouse or children.

How does it work:

1. The application form and cost of registration (USD420) is required to be submitted via USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Service).

2. The sponsor will receive the receipt, and later an email confirming the decision made, after the application has been considered.

2. Applying for a green card based on employment

Every year each year, each year, the United States can deliver up to 140,000 green cards based on employment. There are several priorities for each category. In the case of granting permanent residence prioritization is granted to

  • People with exceptional talent in the arts, sciences education, business, or athletics
  • Outstanding professors and researchers,
  • certain managers and executives.

Entrepreneurs, those who are offered a job from an US company , and those who work in specific fields (religious employees, for example) can also be qualified for green cards. Because quotas can differ between different countries be aware that the waiting times can be quite lengthy.

How does it work:

1. The application as well as payment of cost of registration (USD580) must be delivered via USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Service) by postal mail or email, based on the circumstance.

2. The sponsor receives first the receipt, and later an announcement of the decision taken after the application has been approved. If your request is accepted and the request is accepted, your sponsor will receive a notification from the NVC (National Visa Center) will inform you of the process for applying for an immigrant visa.

3. The green card lottery:

The lottery is most likely the most popular method for obtaining an U.S. green card. Each year the United States allows 55,000 prospective immigrants to get a green card by participating in this lottery. Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery. This lottery will be open for citizens from countries where immigration rates towards the USA are among the lowest. This means that the list of nations whose citizens are not eligible to participate in the green card lottery is updated every year.

How does it work:

1. Register online at Keep in mind that each year, you are able to be a part of the lottery during an exact time.

2. Keep the confirmation number that you get: you’ll be able to verify whether or not you’ve been chosen.

3. If you’re chosen to be selected, you will be eligible to make an application to get an immigration visa.

Author: Razai