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The last weeks I've been really busy with real life stuff. I've moved away from my hometown and now live in Dresden.
I'm also planning my road trip through the United States at the same time.

That plus some freelance work I still had to do kept me from working on UTT, but now I'm back. My battle station is set up and most of the points on my todo list are crossed out.

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This is what I have so far.

There will be a small, fixed, unannotated 30 day graph at the top. Further down the page, there will be a fully labeled graph that will have the options following options:
Hourly (72 hours) Daily (30 days) Daily (All time)


We could have 2 large graphs visible at once.
So you could see the long and short term trends with one glance.

That's something that's still to be determined. Any input on that would be welcome.
Do we even need the small graph up top, if we have 2 large graphs down the page? Or would one large graph with time range selection suffice?

What will happen next?
Firstly, I have to design examples for every page (Home, Advanced Search, Lists / Squads, Player, Consumables and so on).
Once I have all the design done, I start to connect the pages with the database. At that point the example content will be replaced with actual data.

The plan is obviously to release the next version of UTT at or around the launch of FIFA 15.

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Features and functions

First off, this is the color scheme I will be using. I'm not 100% sure about the green yet. I will need it as a confirmation color, but the exact hue might change once I see how it goes together.

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Design part 2: Looking at the others

The response to yesterday's post has not been overwhelming so far, but I'll give it some more time. I can understand if you don't care what color the site will have, feel free to ...
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Design part 1: Color is everything

When I have time to burn, I like to draw up different designs / color schemes.

The color scheme is the first thing one has to decide on when starting a new website from scratch.
Here are a few of my more recent drafts.

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06/02: Introduction

Welcome to my blog.

I will use this website to document the development of the next iteration of Ultimate Team Trading.

The idea is to share the progress with the community while at the same time being able to gather feedback and i...
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