How Entrepreneurs Control Shipping Expenses

Entrepreneurs know the importance of saving extra cash that would have been spent on unnecessary things in the course of sending their goods to customers. With the increase, incompetent logistics services like the DHL delivery (DHL ส่งของ, which is the term in Thai) entrepreneurs now enjoy the increasing benefits of e-commerce.

Are you an entrepreneur and you still don’t know some of these little ways of controlling shipping expenses, then do well to go through this article as we expose them shortly.

Shipping Cost Reduction Tips For Entrepreneurs

  • Get to know your representative

All modern logistics and couriers have representatives in every part of the world where they operate. Their representatives are everywhere, even in remote places. These representatives negotiate prices,  answer questions and ensure the shipment goes as scheduled. As an entrepreneur, getting to know your representative will be useful in getting discounts and some “off the record “ bonuses and discounts.

There are instances when you want to send courier to enterprises and business in a single day window, if you are involved in supply chain logistics business, there are few companies who delivered fast in less prices, you can check for, they are best in delivering couriers on time.

  • Compare shipping rates

Generally, you may find it hard switching from one shipping company to another. These logistics companies know this, and with this knowledge, they try as much as possible to retain their customers. They do this by providing incentives and subsidizing costs. It is wise for you as an entrepreneur to compare and negotiate prices first before using their services because changing prices, in the long run, may not be possible.

  • Go for your refund

As an entrepreneur, you save extra cash if you do not overlook your repayments. No matter how small it is, once you are liable for a refund, go for it. Sometimes the courier does not meet up to their guarantee on time and safety of the goods and at such the entrepreneur incurs a loss. Going for your refund or compensation is the way to make up for the damages.

Author: Razai