How to easily get Barcode in India in 2021?

Barcodes are machine-readable symbols in the kind of amounts and concurrent lines used universally to spot and monitor goods. Barcodes play a vital part in distribution chains, allowing retailers, retailers, and transportation providers to readily identify and track goods as they go through the distribution chain. In this guide, we examine the process of obtaining barcode enrollment in India.

GS1 is a non-profit, worldwide entity that oversees and standardizes pub codes around India. GS1 sets criteria and oversees the barcode standard used by retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Approximately two million businesses across 20 industries like Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods, Food, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics (such as Customs), Government etc. globally are utilizing the GS1 System of criteria. Consequently, GS1 is the company that controls the issuance of barcodes which may be scanned any place on the planet.

Back in India, GS1 India was launched in the year 1996 as a non-profit organization from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and major Chambers of Commerce and Industry. As an affiliate GS1 International, GS1 India administers and allocates GS1 barcodes at India.

Procedure for getting Barcode in India

In India, it’s not hard to get Barcode by submitting the following documents together with a requisite fee to GS1 India for allocation of GS1 Company Prefix has been used for barcoding of merchandise. Submit the under following records:

GS1 India registration form duly filled and signed together with the”product classification sheet” duly encircling/highlighting the product categories being manufactured/supplied.

Ask letter/forwarding correspondence on letterhead for allocation of GS1 business prefix number.

Duplicate of balance sheet (applicable page in service of earnings ) as on 31st March 2015 or newest.

PAN card backup of Proprietor — if Proprietorship company or PAN card backup of the candidate firm in different scenarios.

Evidence of status of Applicant Company

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Author: Razai