Know About Various Shapes of Extruded Rubber Seal and Gaskets

There are number of common shapes for extruded rubber seals, but do you which is the best shape for your application? Engineers and seal designers can select the shape that can be suited for application. Here in this blog we will talk about the major shapes of silicone rubber that is being used in various industries. The most common shapes are D Shapes, E Shapes, U Shapes, Lip Shapes and P Shapes Seals. Company like Elastostar Rubber Corp will provide you complete guideline that will help you purchase right lengths and shapes rubber seal and gasket.

In this blog from Elastostar, we will talk about how to see the four common shapes of extruded rubber seals.

Silicone Rubber U Channel:

Silicone Rubber U Channel Seals and gaskets provides very good resistance in high to low temperature, it is durable and gives better performance which is unmatched to other elastomers. And that is why it’s widely used as a weather stripping application. Silicone is chemical inert compound which also make it excellent choice for making food grade U shaped silicone rubber gasket and seals. We at Elastostar makes no compromise in quality.

P Shaped Rubber Seal:

P shaped rubber seals have a rounded bulb and a flat stem that makes it suitable to use in number of application. The bulb provides sealing under compression. The stem is used for attaching the gasket to a substrate. Normally, P-shaped profiles are used in building and construction applications.

D Shaped Rubber Seal:

D shaped rubber seal have a half moon bulb and that provides sealing under pressure such as a when the door to a mobile equipment cabin or machine enclosure is shut. Normally, D-seals are made of sponge rubber for superior sealing under compression.

D shaped rubber seal is very good when it comes to sealing gap between a long piece of sheet metal and another surface like edge of a door.

Lip Shaped Rubber Seal:

Lip seal feature and edge or sealing lip and in some cases an opening, sometimes used for protecting the bearing that supports a rotating tube or windbag. In addition to retaining the bearing lubricant these rotary shaft seals will surely help to cure the ingress of dust and other pollutants. Leap seals are generally used in high speed crankshaft application for diesel and gasoline engines. They are also being used in different type of vehicles and with pumps, and various different type of industrial equipment.

E Shaped Rubber Seal:

E Shaped rubber seals just look like a letter “e”. the top part of the seal is a half-moon bulb that supports compression and the bottom of the seal has a flat. The middle of the e seal contains a gap where the installer inserts metal bar stock.

T Shaped Rubber Seal:

As per the application requirement t shaped rubber seal provides great flexibility and it is also high to low temperature resistance, UV and ozone resistance too. When it comes to providing quality product Elastostar Rubber Corp gives premium quality of extruded silicone rubber t shaped rubber seals and gasket, t section rubber strips and weather stripping.

It can be made in various sizes and shapes as per sealing dimensional requirement. You can easily select hardness of the material and its color as per the application requirement. T shaped rubber seals and gaskets are weather strip made out from extruded silicone rubber that offers very good flexibility and better comfort and performance to the application in various weather condition.

Majorly E seals are used in applications like food processing, that require mechanical fastening instead of adhesives because of high heat and chemicals, there are many e shaped profile are made from silicones or flurosilicones and the good quality is that both materials can resist high temperatures, but fluorosilicones combine chemical resistance with heat resistance and that makes it different from other rubber shapes.

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Author: Razai