Online classes are the new normal:

In this pandemic, a lot of people have upgraded themselves. Like they learn a lot of new things. And, a lot of people have developed some new skills. But only because of this pandemic student’s future were at risk. And, only because of that teachers also upgraded themselves. They learn things that they don’t need to. So, the students can learn even in this pandemic. Because they know the value of education. That is why online classes have become a new normal. And, teachers are also adapting to the changes. So, the children don’t face any difficulty to learn.

But don’t only thank teachers. The online platform on which the teacher is teaching is also very important. It is known as Webboard. In which teacher and students join the class. So, that they can learn new things. These web boards are also being used in offices too. In which the employees join the meeting on such Webboard. Like they do before the pandemic in the office meeting room. It has helped a lot of people to survive in this phase of life. There are many Webboard available on the internet in which people can go and do such things.

Promote the Webboard to gather the audience

If someone has a Webboard and not getting enough audience. Then promote webboard [โปรโมท เว็บ บอร์ด, which is the term in Thai] on different social media platform. So, a lot of people can come and use the Webboard application. And, the study suggested that social media campaign is better than a lot of other marketing campaigns.

Hire freelancers to do the promotion

There are many expert freelancers available on different freelancing websites. In which people can go and find the best one. So, that they can promote Webboard without having any difficulty. And, the best part is these freelancers can do the job at a very less price. That is beneficial for the person who wants to do the promotion.  

Author: Razai