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The study materials for the special education teacher courses are as follows

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Study materials for the special education teacher courses include [books, CDs, and DVDs] that consist of modules that are delivered online. Additionally, students have access to a varying range of web resources that contain information and support for their studies. The study materials for the special education teacher courses consist of workbooks, student workbooks, handouts, and Internet resources for the course. These are available in hard copy and can be printed from the IEP system. Study materials for the special education teacher courses at universities, colleges, and teachers’ training institutions are in a creative format that is innovative and practical, as well as being stimulating and structured, guaranteeing the student’s educational success.

When you´ve completed your teacher training, you´ll have the necessary competencies to become a successful special education teacher. The study materials that you use in your lessons will also contribute to your professional development. You will find below an overview of these study materials, which are available as printed documents and e-learning courses. Since its founding in 1964, the University of Essex has grown and developed into an internationally recognized academic community with a reputation for international leadership and excellence across a diverse range of disciplines. The University’s special education teacher courses are designed for those who either have a degree in psychology or education or have other relevant professional experience.

The study materials for special education teacher courses are as follows:−Theme 1: teaching concepts and method, functional curriculum designing and resources for learners with special needs; Theme 2: teachers’ professional competence (1) classroom management (2) teaching methods (3) lesson plan design; Theme 3: effective learning environment and teaching resources for melding. This study materials for the special education teacher courses consist of two parts: (1) Learning material for the course, including theory and perspectives, as well as a social practice that can be learned from literature, guidelines, rules and regulations, key points, and protocols in teaching special education. (2) Playing materials, mainly containing material for physical education learning and exhibition games; Guiding materials of teaching activities but not limited to them; The number of the exhibition games is increasing in future according to the actual need.

Special Education Teacher Courses (2.5-week face to face teacher training): The teacher training course is commissioned by the Finnish National Board of Education to study matters of special education, its content is based on the curricula of the courses held at Tampere University since 1996. The studies aim to introduce prospective teachers to special educational needs and their consequences for teaching.

Faculty development program for teachers in special education and coordinator training course The study materials for the special education teacher courses are as follows: The course is designed to give teachers new to the area of special education both a broad overview of the topic and specific insight into practical challenges, as well as to enable teachers with previous experience in special education to consolidate their knowledge and acquire a deeper understanding of the challenges they may encounter. The course provides tools for teaching and learning as well as background knowledge. It combines activities based on scientific facts with simulation exercises and challenges to develop your reflexes–both cognitively and practically–for working with students with special educational needs in everyday life.

Study Materials Faculty development program for teachers of special education Basic course Programme for Module I Programme for Module II Programme for Module III Programme for Module IV Teaching Resource Material on Teaching Syllabus Framework for Teaching Assistants Training on Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Classroom. Study Materials for the Diploma Course in Special Needs Education (Special Education Teaching) Instruction materials for the SPED teacher course bilingual education – Individual Education plan for the child – Teaching about the child’s disability – Classroom management – Teaching individual lessons – Teaching multidisciplinary lessons – Lessons using methodologies and special equipment

The study materials contain lectures and course notes and employ a stimulating, interactive approach that meets the needs of trainees. The Faculty Development program for teachers, including inter-professional learning modules, is based on video recordings of work placements and discussions with vocational instructors as well as with experienced teaching staff. The study materials are designed to be taken online and consist of a collection of short papers, open-book tests, and e-learning activities. A list of suggested web resources has been included to support materials and further readings.

Home e-learning materials for the studies in special education teacher courses, Faculty development program for teachers The study materials are designed to support teachers in a range of classroom situations. They can be used independently of the lectures and will enable students to learn about topics in greater depth and prepare for teaching practice sessions with a mentor. The study material for the Faculty development program for teachers is based around the learning needs of the participants who will be working with teachers and children on an ongoing basis as their training programs continue. The study materials include the teacher’s handbook, student activity books, and some teaching aids. The faculty development program is delivered over 7 days in 5 modules plus formal feedback sessions. Course material: Teacher handbook Student activity books Other teaching aids.

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