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Hi guys this is Chazzaot11 and welcome to where I am posting my first trading method for you guys. This method will be helpful for anyone who has just bought the game and has between 5k and 20k. If you don’t have these coins then check out other vids on the site to get you up to the coins needed for this method I am sharing for you all.

1. Go onto the transfer market and enter the credentials MIN price 5,000 and MAX price 10,000 coins then put in either SILVER or GOLD. This decision is up to you.

2. Look for any with bids on then check for their cheapest BIN price to see if it is a good deal.

3. If it is go ahead and list it for 100 coins less than the cheapest. This ensures it will sell quickly.

HINT: If the BIN price is close the bid DON’T buy it as you won’t be able to sell it for more than that BIN price.

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