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Trading Tips
Chapter 2: Golden Times
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For almost all gold cards of significant value, i.e. value of at least double discard price, cards in the premium formations will sell for a good bit more than a card with a bad formation like 3-4-3. The idea behind using this method is that the only people looking for that player in that particular formation will bid on it past the point where you can buy it and sell it for a profit, so a higher percentage of these cards will go for less than 95% of the market value than your average card.
Now to go into the details of how this trading is best done. First, you must decide who you should trade. My personal believe is to not buy any cards worth more than 10% of your total coins, and it should rarely be over 5%. Therefore, if you have say 100k, focusing on cards selling between 3k and 6k would be my advice. Now that you identified your range, you can start deciding what players you will try to trade. My advice would be to stick to RB, CB, LB, GK, and ST, as all are positions in the three most expensive formations, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, and 4-1-2-1-2.
Also, midfielders for some reason don’t seem to receive the same boost in price as these positions do, especially CAM in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation. For many cards that will increase your value by 3,000 to 4,000 coins, but for CAMs it often is closer to 1,500 coins. Now that we have the position and price range, go find players that meet both of those criteria. You can use the player prices information on this website or just use the auction search on Ultimate Team.
You want to find a good number of players to trade, maybe 15 or 20. Next search for each player in the BIN search to find what it goes for in any formation (For me the highest BIN that gets 5 or less results is generally what I consider to be the market price. For specific formations, I would not want more than one or two cards at a lower price than me).
After that, search for the lowest BIN for that player in each of the formations. If the results are significantly different, you should try to trade that player. As for what I mean for significantly different, for cards whose bad formation cost is under 2k, you will want premium formations to be at least 1k more. For 2k to 5k, maybe 1300 more, and past 5k, a 15% increase is good enough to trade and make good profit. In almost all cases, 4-1-2-1-2 will be the most expensive, followed by 4-3-3 and then 4-4-2. Those numbers I just gave are aimed more at the latter two formations, and you should expect bigger increases for 4-1-2-1-2. Any players who do not meet those requirements for trading should not be traded, as they will not bring in significant enough profits. At this point, you have a list of maybe 10 or so players you can definitely trade, and the price you can sell them for in the 4-1-2-1-2, 4-3-3, and 4-4-2 formations. For me, I generally keep these lists I make in sticky notes (the program not actual sticky notes), but you could also write them down on paper or make an excel spreadsheet.
Something that is very important is that you have complete confidence that your prices are correct. If you ever doubt your prices, then check the market and adjust them if your prices are wrong, as they do fluctuate somewhat. When you are confident in your prices, search for the each player in each formation at the highest price you are willing to pay for him (search current price not BIN). My general policy is I want to make 5% profit, so I need to sell it for 10% more because of EA’s tax. However for lower value cards I would want closer to 10% profit, so I need to sell it for around 15% more. For example, if I can sell it for 2500, I would buy around 2100. If I can sell it for 5000, I would buy around 4300.
Add all cards that end in a given time frame, I usually use an hour or half an hour, that come up in your search results to your watch list. Do this for all your cards or until your watch list is full, then go to your watch list. Bid on the cards up to your preset limit, and never bid until the last 15 seconds, unless you are making the starting bid. Whenever you win a card, list it for the BIN you determine it would likely sell for, and have the starting price be the highest possible for that BIN, and list it for 1 hour, unless you are going to be unable to relist it for a while such as when you go to sleep. It is fine if it needs to be listed a few times, that will happen but it will almost always sell eventually. If you are having trouble trading a guy, just drop him and try to trading someone else.
Eventually you will find your 5, 10 or 15 players that you are really successful trading. At lower price ranges, such as below 5k, there are many options of players to trade. A tip I have for you is trade players who have no one else come up on searches for them. For example, if I am trying to trade Pique, I am going to have to sort through all the Puyol cards and try to find him, which is wasting time. Instead you could be trading Mascherano, the only Argentinean CB on Barcelona. Another useful tip regarding this is utilizing the Defender, Midfielder, or Attacker search options.
Searching midfielder using those will turn up people whose natural position is midfielder, if it has been change to striker. You can you this to prevent Torres cards that have been modified to CAM from appearing in a search for Mata, on any situation like that.
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