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Trading Tips
Chapter 3: Play your position
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Trading players out of position can result in some huge profit buys, but generally those are few and far between. Some of my best trades have been trading strikers as CM. The main value upgrades are CF->ST and CAM->CM. A lot of people look for CM versions of CAMs, and therefore they will sometimes produce decent profit, but rarely enormous profit.
However these cards appear much more often, so you will have more opportunities to buy them. If you are looking to trade people converted to a CM from a CAM, CF, or ST, or a ST from a CF, CAM, or CM, you should start with a player of at least 3k in value in their natural position or else there just won’t be enough cards to make it worth your while. To do that you probably should have close to 100k if not more.
If you have closer to 50k, I would suggest looking for CF around 1500 to 2500 in their natural position, and trade them as a CAM. You can also do similar things utilizing the value increases of LW->LM, LM->LW, RW->RM, RM->RW, CM-CDM, and CM-CDM. After that point, just follow the same pattern for trading players as you almost always do.
Find the value of each, search auctions for the maximum amount your will buy it for, and add them to your watch list. Now unlike the previous method in which you searched by formation, this time you won’t specify any formation. Therefore you will have to then consider the impact that the formation of each card has on its value.
Keep in mind which formations are valuable, and which positions exist in each formation. As always, if you are unsure, search existing BIN auctions to determine what you can likely sell it for. For almost all of my player trading methods, you will just take the basic method of trading players previously laid out, and just change which players you will buy.
There are some methods that I don’t use a similar trading method to this, but as they are generally applied to the more expensive trading I will cover it later.
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