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Trading Tips
Chapter 4: Shotgun
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This method is much different than any other method I use, and is something I don’t really use that often. However, it definitely has some benefits to it, especially during the times when it seems impossible to get a really expensive player at a buyable price. The purpose of this method it purely to maximize the amount of cards you bid on. Let me start of by saying it will take a considerable amount of coins, even if you are trading cards around 2k in value.
What you do is search for a player up to the maximum amount you would on bid on it (maybe 80-85% of expected selling value for cards around 2k-5k and 85-90% above 5k.) Then you bid on each card whatever number you have decided is what you are willing to pay. Now it is important not to make this bid to low as you will not bid on the card again.
You do this for every card up for auction under you max buying price, and then move on to the next player. Because you are constantly bidding on new cards, you can bid on many more cards then you will using more conventional trading methods.

Now we need to take a step back and go over what to do step by step. First off, you need to decided if you even have the financial capability to use this method.
You will probably need at least 300k-500k to be able to constantly bid on players with an approximate value of 2k. You also will need a lot of players, maybe 25 or 30, to bid on. Once you decide on the players you want to trade, you can use this websites player database or just search players BINs on ultimate team to find their value.
It is important to update their value frequently to make sure you don’t overbid. Also, I suggest using previous tips I gave regarding using players who don’t have another player come up when you search for him, like you would have if you search for Puyol/Pique. So now you have your players you will bid on, next is to start bidding. Say a player is worth 3k, so you search for auctions of him of 2500 or less. On every one of them, you bid 2500.
Some exception would be if they are out of position or in a premium formation. If you wish, you can also look up their values in those positions/formations if you want, or just skip them.

Now that you know the method, I will go over some tips, explanations, and some pros/cons of this method. My first tip is to use the web app. Since you will often be jumping the bid, it makes it much quicker to type your bid in then scroll up to it. Also you order the players in the most efficient way possible so you waste very little time going from one player search to another. This is more impactful when using the console then on the web app, but saves time nonetheless.
Another thing is that this method isn’t limited to any one price range. I have used this method bidding on about 25 players valued between 4k and 35k. You will only be limited by your bankroll. If you have a smaller bankroll, like 50k, you could use this method and bid on a handful of player, and only bid on players in the last 20 minutes or something like that. However I would still advise you to just use a different method.
Quickly before I go on to pros and cons, I want to point out a key reason this method works. Your watch list is limited to 50 players, however bidding on players after your watch list is already full allows you to add that player to your watch list, so you can have hundreds of cards on your watch list. Now for the pros and cons, which you will notice is definitely in favor of the cons.
The cons include that it takes a large bankroll, has a low buying rate, has minimum profit per trade, and takes a long time whenever you update/check the price of each player. For pros, it is mainly volume. You will be able to bid on many more cards then you could otherwise.
Another pro is that should you be interrupted mid trading session, it really doesn’t matter as would normally since there is no card on your watch list you need to bid on again.
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