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Trading Tips
Chapter 5: Consumables
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Consumables is a great way for a player who is new to trading to get started. It is much simpler than player trading and doesn’t require many coins to get started. There are four main types of consumables to trade, all of which I have dabbled in trading. The simplest is contract trading. You can choose to trade a certain contract, my suggestion would be the rare gold player contract or regular gold player contract. Use the consumables part of the site to find out the price of the contract you wish to trade. Then search for contract cards at least 100 or 150 coins less. Go through and bid on each card you find, but only bid once and bid say 150 under market price (or 100 if the market is competitive at that time and you are having trouble buying any for 150 less). Go through and bid on a bunch at a time, then return to your watch list and see what you won and list them. You don’t want to spam list them all at once, give at least 5 seconds between each identical card. If you new to trading, this would be a good place for you to start. It takes a little more initial money and more time/effort then the bronze pack method, but you will get a better return on investment. Also it is very simple and hard to mess up.

The next method is rare fitness card trading. Rare fitness cards of any level will sell. However I would advise trading only gold/bronze as they are much more common (very few silver packs are opened relative to bronze and gold). Look up the price, which will fluctuate a little bit, and search for any say 300-400 gold under market value. With these, since they are much rarer then contract cards, you will want to add them to your watch list and then bid at the last second. These cards have more potential of significant profit on a single trade, perhaps 500+ coins, but will be bought at a much lower frequency than gold cards. I personally have not had as much success with this method as I have had with the other methods.

Next is trading position modifiers. Now most people look at this and say, “If I can get a CAM->CM or CF->ST card cheap, I can make a lot of money”. However, that is not the way to trade position modifiers. Those cards almost never sell for significantly less than the 5% below market value that will result in breaking even. Personally, I think the position and formation prices provided by this site are probably the most impressive thing about this site, and make trading those cards much easier. You can easily see what each card will sell for, buy seeing what is the lowest BIN that doesn’t sell within 45 minutes of listing, and that will be your price point. When searching, you should just search max bid of like 400 or 500, and have in mind what cards are worth more than that. For me, cards like CDM->CM, CM->CDM and LW-LF have been pretty successful. Like with formation cards, you should add them to your watch list and then bid at the last second.

The final method is trading formation modifiers. This is my favorite consumable trading method. For me, I focus on the rare modifiers since they are easily distinguished. I mainly like to trade 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 cards, but will also trade 4-2-2-2 and 4-4-1-1 cards occasionally. I rarely able to get a 4-1-2-1-2 card but like with CAM->CM and CF->ST they rarely are profitable. I tend to search at about 75% of the 4-4-2 price and look for any rare cards price low enough to buy and sell for a profit. Now it is very possible to make good profit trading non rare cards, it just takes a little more effort. Just find out which are valuable and what their value is and search for a max price of 400 or 500, and bid on them. Because you will be bidding at a higher volume and lower coin prices, you may want to do the one bid and move on method you use for bidding on contracts.

One last important thing to mention is the impact the happy hours or other periods of high pack buying will lower prices. A common practice is to stock up on consumables during this period and sell them later in the week when prices return to normal.
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