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Chapter 7: Chemistry
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In Fifa14 Ultimate Team the new chemistry style feature has been added, which improves key features in player's stats, an example of this would be the Hawk chemistry style which improves player's PAC,SHO,HEA. This changes the way a player performs on the pitch. Some are more useful than others that's why they go for more coins. The most popular one right now is the "Hunter" style. In terms of trading, these cards can be very useful. You can filter out the cheapest players in each chemistry style. Which is really easy to do by just searching the cheapest buy now and if the player is cheaper by a couple of 100 coins pick it up and sell it on for more. Another way to trade is to pick up the chemistry styles on their own, for example if I searched Guardian and the cheapest one was 400 coins. I could then apply it to a 350 coin player and spend a total of 750 coins and try and sell it for a total of 1000 coins making a profit of 200 coins which is a start in the right direction.

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