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Trading Tips
Chapter 8: Shiny
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With the approach of Fifa 14 being released trading has become icreasingly difficult, however with this nifty trading tip you will be set too go and way ahead of all your mates creating fantastic teams.
Your search criteria will need to be gold players 1,000 minimum bid and 3,000 maximum bid. If you do not have 1,000 coins make sure too watch one of our other trading videos to help you on the way.
Click the nect page button until you get too around the 2 minute mark, this gives you enough time too add your found player too the target transfer list and research his price.
So what you are looking for are shiny golds with a bid on, if the buy now (if there is one) is 500 coins away from the current bid then do not bother.
Once you have found one or more players search their price into the search bar on this website. Make sure too click ps3/xbox as the prices may vary between the two consoles.
You will be able to sell the players somewhere in between the lowest bin and average bin. For example if his lowest bin is 2,500 and average is 4,500 then you should sell him around 3,000 - 3,500 coins.
Don't forget their is 5% tax on players you sell so you may want too take this into consideration of how much yo brouhg the player for and how much you're selling him for.

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