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Hello everyone and welcome to my name is Kai from A*Gaming and I have another quick trading method for you all which with today being release day of Fifa 14 will be very usefull and be doubling your coins.
So what you need too do is have around 2,000 - 3,000 or more coins for this method to be most useful.If you haven't got that many coins yet then make sure to check out the other tips on the site and the videos below.

1. Go onto the transfer market and select consumables, then choose fitness and silver. There is no pricing range for this method.

2. Search and look for the shiny silver fitness cards, these are the squad +20 cards. Bid on the ones that are below 1,000 and bid a maximum of 900 coins. Do not bid that straight away as you can win them for cheaper like it did in the video.

3.Once you have one them then sell then on at 1,000 bid and 1,100 buy now. If you want a quick sell and you have one them for around 600 coins then put it on the market for 700 bid 800/900 buy now.

Useful tip: As the game release was today everyone is opening packs so you can use this too your advantage by winning loads around 500/600 coins waiting a few days maybe a week and then people will stop opening packs and these cards will be worth around 1,300 - 1,500 coins making you double and possibly triple your coins.
So the best thing too do for now is keep hold of your bargains to produce even bigger profits.

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