What are the benefits of Edge computing?

The edge computing is a type of architect in which data processing take place near to the source of data. It reduces the need of a bounce-back data and forth in the middle of the cloud and device.

The edge computing framework proposes an efficient sidestep for the high workload.

What is the difference between edge computing and cloud computing?

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data, over the internet instead of the computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing services include database, storage, software, networking, analytics etc.

One of the major difference between cloud computing and edge computing is the cloud is, centralized and the edge is decentralized.

Edge computing is an expansion of cloud computing, a solution for decentralized structures.

Examples of edge computing are voice assistance, health care, self-driving cars, retail and eCommerce etc.

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Benefits of edge computing?

  • Speed:It allows processing data to work fast thus reduce latency.
  • Versatility: Edge computing handles raw data and can gather a vast amount of data.
  • Reliability: It doesn’t depend on the state of central data because it occurs close to the user.
  • Security: Edge computing spreads storage and related application on the device.

Why business uses edge computing?

  • To engage interaction with their customers.
  • It supports innovative products.
  • Get closer to a mobile,
  • It helps to employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • It helps in-process data from the Internet of Things.
  • It helps to add new capabilities in a fusion environment.

Where can you find a device ofEdge computing?

There are many companies available who sell devices of cloud computing, but, of course, you want the best devices for your work. Industrial computer[คอมพิวเตอร์อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai], is one of the well-known company of Japan, who sell cloud computing devices. As Japan is one of the best country in the term of technologies, so you can trust any devices and buy them without any confusion.

Author: Razai