Why creating good content is more important than generating more traffic

Increasing your Google rank is not going to be easy. It will take efforts and time. You will have to keep working hard patiently for months to reach on the first page. Google ranking[Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] can be determined with a lot of factors. But do you know the most important factor that determines Google rankings?

What factors affect Google rankings?

Some of the most common factors affecting Google rankings are:

  • Right use of keyword.
  • Ample amount of backlinks from reputed sites.
  • Content that engage users

There are some other factors as well but these three play key roles in SEO (search engine optimization).

Which factor is most important?

All these above mentioned factors are almost equally important but creating content that engage users can be considered as the most important among all.

Why creating content that engage users is most important

Google introduced a new algorithm in 2015 called RankBrain. It monitors the average time spend by searchers on a webpage. If searchers are leaving the page too early, the ranking of webpage would drop. On the other hand ranking would increase if searchers are spending long time on webpage.

Why generating more traffic is less important than creating good content

You may get lot of traffic with Google ads but that traffic means nothing if most of the searchers just leave your page instantly. If your content is not good, you would lose your ranking faster with more traffic. That’s why you must focus on creating great quality content first.

Do not overlook other factors in SEO

Make sure that you do not look other two important factors. Keywords are important in your content. People cannot search for your content without the keywords. Backlinks also help you increase your ranking. Make optimal use of them.

Use all the three factors to improve your ranking and reach the number one spot.

Author: Razai