Warren Bowie and Smith – Honest opinion from a trader – Is it LEGIT?

To be very honest, I am not a professional writer or a seasoned trader but still, I have decided to write this review because I want to save people from the trouble which I had to go through while searching for a reliable broker. My struggle began a year ago and lasted for over a month which was a confusing and troubling time for me as I had made up my mind to dive into the trading market but I had no proper knowledge about it. I would have certainly ended up being a victim of a scam broker if I had not found Warren Bowie and Smith at the right time.

Warren Bowie and Smith was suggested to me by a friend of mine who had been already working with this broker and upon some research, I found out that this is a wonderful platform though it is not as famous as it deserves. Both, my friend and this broker, proved a sign of relief for me in the hour of my need. The other brokers that I had shortlisted proved scams in my thorough investigation.

When this broker was suggested to me, I decided to read user reviews first before making a final decision. I found all positive reviews about Warren Bowie and Smith on popular consumer review websites such as Trustpilot and Recommended-brokers.com. After that, I visited the website of this broker and I was mesmerized to see the features. Let’s talk about its feature in detail one by one.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Layout

The first thing that I noticed on this website was that it is very interactive. The layout and theme are immersive and for a person like me, it is a compulsory requirement because it is true that the first impression is the last. The website of a broker is its front door and the website of Warren Bowie and Smith’s website is good enough to convert visitors into regular customers. In the first five minutes of my visit, I noted five key points about this platform.

  1. The website is well designed and a hundred percent functional.
  2. It is designed to satisfy the customers hence it is easy to use.
  3. It is optimized for mobile phones as well which is a standard requirement these days.
  4. The website is regularly updated with fresh content.
  5. The broker is readily available for contact through various means of communication such as email, contacts number, and social media platforms.

The trading platform of Warren Bowie and Smith is designed by its own team of software engineers and it proudly owns it as the ‘PROfit’ trading platform. It is well equipped with trading tools like price movement alerts, trader’s trends, email notifications, and research tools.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Instruments

After checking out the minor features quickly, I moved toward the trading instruments offered by this broker. The main reason for which I wanted to join the trading business was to trade cryptocurrencies because the future of the trading world is dependent on cryptocurrencies. So it was of pertinent importance whether it provided this trading asset or not. Luckily, Warren Bowie and Smith is providing multiple trading instruments such as commodities (hard +soft), forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. All of these trading instruments have their separate pros and cons and this broker provides its traders the liberty to trade any one of them.

In addition to this, Warren Bowie and Smith offers CFDs and EFTs as well on all the above-mentioned trading instruments. If you are running short on money, you can utilize the CFD feature which is a contract between the broker and its client according to which the broker becomes a partner. EFTs are also a very good investment opportunity as they involve less risk and low cost as well. Mostly, EFTs are used by those traders who want to diversify their portfolios.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Registration Process

After making sure that it was offering the right trading instruments, I decided to register myself with the platform. At that time I had no idea what its registration form would look like. To find out, I simply clicked on the “Join Now” button. I was amazed to see that the form was very simple. Warren Bowie and Smith has kept it straightforward to make it easy for traders like me who get confused with complex requirements and delays.

It is a five-point registration form that asks for an only basic kind of following information regarding the trader and takes merely five minutes.

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Country of origin
  • Email address
  • Password (min 8 characters)

After entering this information, you would be asked to accept the terms and conditions which I would suggest you read completely whichever platform you visit. After ticking the terms and conditions option, you can click on the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT’’ button to finish this step.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Deposit Methods

After successfully registering yourself with the platform, you would need to recharge your credit account to start trading. Is it an intuitive brokerage platform, it has not disappointed traders at this step as well. It has provided three different methods to transfer the investment money and the traders are free to select anyone with whom they are comfortable.

  • Bank Transfer

The first deposit method provided by Warren Bowie and Smith is the wire transfer option. You can simply go to your bank and initiate a wire transfer which takes only 1 day on average. For most people, this traditional method is the easiest one.

  • Online Payment

The second payment method provided by this broker is the online payment method which is the only method that doesn’t require going outside. You can refuel your trading account at any time by using online payments apps like Skrill, PaySafeCard, PayRetailers, and Safety Pay.

  • Credit Cards

The last payment option provided by Warren Bowie and Smith is by using your credit card. You can simply visit a nearby ATM and initiate the transaction. All famous credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro can be used for this purpose and you will be notified instantly through an email when the transaction is completed.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Help Section

Beginner-level traders often require help at various stages of their careers. Keeping this in view, Warren Bowie and Smith has designed a robust customer support section that dedicatedly works 24/7 for traders’ welfare. Unlike the ordinary FAQ sections, this broker has designed a somehow different support section. This section contains answers to hundreds of possible questions so the broker has further categorized this section under seven following sub-sections.

  1. Account information
  2. About the company
  3. Deposit
  4. Withdrawals
  5. Fees
  6. Symbols
  7. Documents upload

I am sure that you would find answers to all your queries in these categories but you can contact the customers support representatives yourself as well if you have any general queries or face a technical issue.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Is it LEGIT?

Securcap Securities LTD, due to its presence in multiple locations and established offices (worldwide), is regulated by necessary local and highly respected authorities. The registration number of Securecap Securities is C176674GBC and it is authorized by Financial Services Commission as well under license number GB20025775.

It means that the broker has established the business according to the mandatory laws and principles of operation hence it is dedicated to protecting its customers and enabling market integrity. It is a 100% legit broker and it has never been reported as a scam which makes it a reliable option for traders.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Additional Advantages

Warren Bowie and Smith provide a head start to its customers by providing free eBook and platform training. The broker also provides basic knowledge about financial terms and order types.

It charges no hidden commissions and spreads are also kept very tight and market competitive thus it is regarded as a completely transparent broker. The trading conditions such as liquidation, inactivity rules, and trading hours are in favor of clients.

Final Words

Warren Bowie and Smith may not be a decade-old broker in the industry but it has achieved a milestone by winning the trust of thousands of customers. The platform is engaging and provides top-notch trading tools, features, and trading instruments which enhance the trading experience.

It provides a safe, reliable, and smooth trading environment with all the required security measures to ensure the safety of its clients so I have no hesitation in recommending you this broker. Visit the platform now and see the truth with your own eyes.

Author: Razai