All You Should Know About ICO Loans

These lines of credit depend on private institutions, therefore, they will be the ones that will establish the requirements to obtain the ICO funds, complying with all the guarantees of the process.

Banks analyze the generation of income by the company. However, many of them also take into account, the time during which the client has worked with them. If we have already applied for a loan with that bank and have returned it without problems, it will be a positive point when accessing ICO loans. However, we might need an ISO consultant (ต้องการที่ปรึกษา ISO, which is the term in Thai) knowledge for this.

Also, there are several generic requirements to access ICO loans:

  • The total credit must be aimed at obtaining liquidity for our company or financing investments
  • The financed investments must be of the following types: Vehicles, real estate rehabilitation, assets for the production or acquisition of other companies
  • We must present a business project that justifies what we want to turn our investment into.

ICO Loans For Entrepreneurs And Companies

The ICO line of companies and entrepreneurs has the following characteristics:


The money is financed in the form of a loan and the form of leasing when we are in an investment case.

Financial Concepts

Liquidity (If for example, we need working capital to pay day-to-day expenses, such as payroll or payment to suppliers) and productive investments, such as the acquisition of productive fixed assets, passenger cars or the acquisition of other companies.

Investment Period

The investment must be made 12 months after the loan is formalized.

ICO Interest

We can choose between a fixed or variable interest rate and the margin established by our bank for the repayment term.


The credit institution may charge a single commission at the beginning of the operation, in addition to the commission stipulated in the event of early amortization.

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Author: Razai