E shaped silicone rubber seal and gasket – All you need to know

While making industrial rubber gasket or extruded rubber seals like D shaped rubber seal & gasket, E shaped rubber seal there are lots of options of different kind of elastomers. Each elastomeric material having their unique characteristic and benefits so it should be chosen diligently. Silicone rubber is also qualified elastomer for different kind of application. Here we will explore why silicone is being preferred a lot? What makes silicone rubber an ideal gasket material to go with? Let us do check how silicone made gasket and seal can truly make the environment much safe to work.

Silicone makes the environment safe and secure – 

Silicone made rubber gasket and seals can truly contribute to making the environment much safe and secure to work. It reduces the ratio of unexpected accidents occurring to a great extent because of various amazing key features mentioned below. 

  • Flame Retardant  

Do you know that special grade silicone rubber also holds the key-feature of Flame Retardant? Yes! It does since it does not ignite easily even if brought close to a flame. Due to this property businesses many times prefer to go with silicone rubber instead of other rubber. Silicone does not come up with any organic halogen compounds and that is why there would not be any block smoke or noxious gas if they are burnt. Silicone rubber is also used in electronics, industrial equipment, subways, building interiors and aircraft too. This way silicone rubber products helps to make the environment safe by reducing the chances of an unwanted accident.

Rubber apparatus can be used with Moving Die Rheometer which can fix the issue of e-shaped apparatus.

  • Low absorption of water 

Silicone rubber can immerse in water irrespective if it is warm, cold or boiling water and it would not absorb even 1% of it. The best thing is that it would not have any sorts of negative effect on its either mechanical strength or electrical properties after being in the water for a long time. 

  • Good tear strength and tensile strength 

Use of Silicone Rubber is increasing on a great scale because of its decent tear strength and tensile strength. Talking about the tear strength of silicone rubber, it could be generally around 9.8 kN/m. And that is why, silicone rubber is considered an ideal product to go ahead for various jobs such as molding large items, reverse tapered forms and so on.

  • Withstand to different temperature ranges 

Silicone is also regarded as the most suitable material to use for various medical applications. Moreover, it is also used in food processing industries because of having incredible properties in comparison to rubber. The longevity of silicone makes it ideal to choose. Moreover, it can easily withstand pressure and temperature. In the food and medical industry, the temperature keeps changing accordingly. Only silicone rubber can go with that. It can hold stress and pressure for a quite longer period delaying the unpleasant situation. It does not have a crack or corrode easily. 

  • Does not contaminate easily 

Moreover, Silicone Rubber does not easily tend to get contaminated and contribute the best efforts to have the most hygienic structure. Therefore, the medical industry prefers to go with silicone rubber. It helps to create a more hygienic environment. 

Silicone Rubber is better than other elastomers  

Many people get confused that if rubber and silicone both are similar, as they both seem to look similar. Rubber and silicone are elastomers, but silicone is different from a rubber-based on its atomic structure. Silicone comes up with unique and special properties in comparison to normal rubbers. Rubbers are produced naturally. Apart from it, they can be synthesized too. However, silicone does not occur naturally. 

  • Silicone is a synthetic rubber consisting of a backbone of silicon atoms having alternating oxygen atoms. 
  • Silicone is considered better than rubber because of being more resistant to heat in comparison of rubber or elastomers. It is also resistant to UV and ozone attack. 
  • Industry prefer silicone as it also holds lower tensile strength as well as lower tear strength in comparison of organic rubbers. 
  • Silicone is also ideal to go with because of its key feature of being durable than other elastomers.

E Shaped Silicone Rubber Gasket & Seal

Accurate Rubber Corporation is leading manufacturer and supplier who can make custom size and shape of extruded E shaped silicone rubber seal and gasket according to your application and project requirements. The hardness of Silicone Rubber Material could be in between of 30 shores A to 80 Shore A. They can also made using special grade material grades.

Accurate Rubber Corporation has emerged as the best supplier always believe in understanding customers’ specification first in order to get an optimum sealing solution that can go with your budget and another kind of application and project requirements too. Not only E shaped silicone rubber seal but you can also have a wide range of other products as well such as 

  • Extruded silicone rubber E channel 
  • E Gasket Windows Seal
  • E Section & E shape gaskets 

All these rubber gasket and seal are made using the highest quality Silicone Rubber materials so that you can have amazing sealing advantages. These products are good at chemical resistance, heat & cold temperature resistance, UV and Ozone resistance.

Wide use of E shaped silicone rubber gasket

E shaped silicone rubber gasket and seals are being used on a large scale in a variety of industries such oven gasket, food processing equipment, medical equipment, water purification gasket, glass industries, aerospace industries, manway gasket, pharmaceutical industries and so on.

Specification of E shaped silicone rubber seal

E shaped silicone rubber seal is high in demand because of amazing benefits such as heat resistant property. These are available in different shade and shape. You can custom make it as per your businesses needs. Good elasticity and smooth surface also make them ideal one to choose for businesses purposes. 

Talking about the most important feature, it comes up with the ability of high and low-temperature resistance in between 60 degree Celsius to 280 degree Celsius. Apart from it, excellent qualities such as anti-aging and weatherproofing also make them different from others. It can serve flawlessly because of having a feature of waterproof performance and chemical corrosion resistance.

If you have any questions or need more information about extruded D shaped silicone rubber gasket or E shaped silicone rubber seal, please contact Accurate Rubber Corporation who will assist you in an ideal manner considering all requirements.

Author: Razai