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While answering your question who to register a company, ponder on your business idea. Then, make a business plan with mission and vision to make the operations smooth running. Among the most critical things while setting up a company is the validation of the company. To proceed with dealings by the company name, you have to follow a registration process set up by the country’s government. In this regard, there is a distinct difference in registration procedures between the National companies and International companies. The first step for who to register a company requires selecting a right business entity structure:

  1. Private limited company
  2. Limited Liability Partnership
  3. Sole Proprietorship

Steps to Register Your Company

The Indian Government has a Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and this is the central institution to which all the existing national companies must register. The actual department that deals with the registration of companies is The Registrar Of Companies (ROC), which operates under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Here is an answer to your question of who to register a company:-

  • Decide the company’s nature that you want to initiate and have a vivid layout of the investments for setting up the company.
  • You have to choose a company name, and it should be unique such that there is no other company with the same name.
  • You have to file an application to the ROC for company registration, and it is mandatory to accompany your application with the company’s statutory documents.

In order to register a company, you can also look after the la firma digitale, the digital signature stamp will be use for on company letter hand later on.

Documents You Need for Successful Registration of a Company

You have to obtain these things for a successful registration:

  • A Digital signature certificate of Class II type. The signature should be of the director, the one which is registered with ROC.
  • An appropriately signed Memorandum of Association of the company
  • The DIN of Director Identification Number
  • The required fees for the processing

If all these steps are completed successfully, your company shall be registered, and you will obtain the certificate of incorporation. All these processes will help you with who to register a company.

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Any of the following types of Indian companies can be registered under the ROC: –

  • Private limited company
  • Sole trader company
  • Public liability company
  • One person company

Foreign companies can also register to carry on trade in India. There are specific steps in excess that an international company needs to follow to register a company in India, like creating a legal presence as an Indian subsidiary company. The registration process can become easier under the guidance of an experienced consulting guide like 3E Accounting India who provides India Company Incorporation services. They have a team of experts who can help you in the company formation process.

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