How to Design a Pearl Jewelry Retail Outlet to Bring More Business

When a customer enters a Jewelry outlet, his eyes look for elegance. He expects an environment where he could be comfortable buying his favourite piece. Also, the retail store design should be in tune with the company’s vision, goal and brand image. Learn more here to understand the design of a retail outlet.

  1. The Selection of Floor Plan

The floor plans are the first one which we need to decide. The floor plan could be straight, triangular, diagonal or any other shape depending upon the jewelry to be kept. The high maintenance and exclusive pearls have to be kept in enclosed glass, whereas others may appear on open display walls. Sometimes some merchandise has to be an accessible level for the customer to have a close look. The idea is to bring in more customers.

  1. Furniture and fixtures

Looks matter. So when you buy your furniture and other fixtures remain focused on aesthetics along with sturdiness. The glass cases and mannequins etc should be in tune with the layouts and merchandise.

  1. Lighting

Lighting plays a major role in Jewelry shop’s ambiances. A jewelry shop should be fully lit up but it has to be soothing enough to feel cozy. The right amount of lighting at the right places is effective to pull the customer in the store.

  1. Define areas as per the utility purpose

For example, allocate the front area for the point of sales. Next area could occupy the management and office related work. The inventory, safes, and vaults could take the middle, or the back but adjacent to the management office. Defining the area of operations for separate works is key to make your sales operation clutter free.

  1. Deciding on Security

When you are in the business of valuable merchandise like pearl jewelry it’s always advisable to take the expert’s consultation. Setting up cameras, alarm systems, safes, vaults, and others should be in safe hands. It should be foolproof. 


Guard yourself with insurance after designing your outlet. Now run your business with complete focus to increase your sales figure.

Author: Razai