Internet Advertising: More Sales With Less Commission

Internet advertising has enormous advantages over other traditional marketing methods, as is the case unfolding on television, radio, and print media, usually quite expensive and limited in terms of coverage. Radio stations and newspapers (News) usually have coverage that, at most, is of a national level only, contrary to what happens with the internet, whose coverage is global and with no limits other than those imposed by certain countries mired in dictatorial regimes.

In what has to do, in turn, with television, it is also clear that the coverage, being higher than that of the two mass media already mentioned, is much more limited than that offered by the Network.

With the vague issue of prices, it is more than evident that the costs of internet advertising are, by far, lower than those demanded by traditional media, which we have been referencing.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Online

Products Sell Themselves

One of the most severe mistakes we make when selling products online is thinking that products sell alone, just because they have a website and because they have attractive products.

Not Planning Strategies

Another serious mistake that is made when we sell on the Internet without experience or knowledge is to think that sales strategies are not necessary, such as a guide or support to achieve clients and make specific with them. To solve this, we have to hire to do online marketing (จ้าง ทํา การ ตลาด ออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai), the services of an expert.

Do Not Measure

To know whether or not what we do has some scope or result, it is necessary that we can measure it both quantitatively, as well as the quality of the traffic received on the website.

Target The Wrong Audience

It is related to not correctly identifying the audiences, which leads us to develop bad strategies. Monitoring the behavior of strategies is the best way to know what should be adjusted or what is working. Tracking advertising campaigns take a long time in its beginnings, but later, when it becomes a habit, it becomes easier and will surely bring many benefits.

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