Make Your Customers Happier – Tips For A Clever Order Processing

Have you ever considered that your customer or client pays more than just the amount on your invoice? You may be amazed now, but you often spend more and more effort than is necessary – even if your performance is great!

Many freelancers keep on dodging the hourly rate to find the right balance between “worthwhile business” and “too expensive for the customer”. With all the brooding a point is often forgotten: your customer not only pays the pure invoice amount. He still has to do a lot of work himself, which costs him time and money.

These days, people are using Voice solutions and making their customers happy with instant services, you can try for Small business phone systems Ireland, they are best in voice services.

Let’s look at the ideal order processing, where hidden costs are incurred through more effort and what you can do about it:

Before The Order

Collect Information

The Hidden Costs: The customer must first research what he wants and what is possible. Only then can he address potential contractors.

What You Can Do: Here you can score through good marketing: Position yourself clearly, so that the customer knows when he can address you. So, the customer does not have to spend a long time alone in front of him but quickly finds help through you as a specialist.

Nowadays, you can keep your companies happy as many companies receive the request from suppliers for the SDI CODE and each supplier uses its own PEC for addressing by means of the SDI code of the invoices issued by the supplier. You can check for Electronic invoicing code here-

Negotiate Conditions

The Hidden Costs: The negotiations cost your customers time. Especially with complex products such as individual software, the customer already incurs many costs to even formulate the requirements.

What You Can Do: On the one hand, you can offer ” Productized Services “, i.e. ready-made service packages like condo inspection (รับตรวจคอนโด which is the term in Thai). If necessary, you can individualize these. So, you do not have to negotiate everything from scratch every time.

Place Order

The Hidden Costs: After the trial, the actual contract has to be closed. Formulating an order can become very complex, especially for complex services.

What You Can Do: As an expert, it is usually easier for you than the client to keep the agreements. So, you can submit an offer that the customer only has to accept. You send him an order confirmation and off you go. Here, too, different service packages can help, from which the customer can choose the right one especially if a freelance photographer (ช่างภาพ freelance which is the term in Thai).

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