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The interpretation of the concept of client in modern science has led to the emergence of various interpretations. By client we mean a legal entity or individual who uses the services of another individual or legal entity and enters into business relations with him. At the same time, we single out one-time and regular customers. The customer relationship management system comes useful here.

One-time customers are those who make one purchase, and regular customers are customers who have used the services or products of the company more than once. In order for one-time customers to become regular, an enterprise should have an approach to building customer relationships that would lead to building long-term relationships with customers. Such an approach, in our opinion, is relationship marketing the practice of building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with key partners interacting in the market: consumers, customers, suppliers, distributors. 

  • According to this approach, manufacturing companies that can work quickly and efficiently try to build long-term trusting mutually beneficial relationships with the most valuable consumers, distributors. 

Relationship marketing is aimed at establishing close economic, technical and social relations with the client. At the same time, there is a feedback mechanism when a company notes a client’s reaction to its work. With the faculty management software  this comes perfect.

The Best Relations

With good relations between counterparties, costs and time for negotiations are reduced, and the transactions themselves become more predictable, and the risks and costs of their implementation are reduced.

  • Exploring the concept of customer relationship management, we define customer-oriented marketing as a special marketing philosophy, the task of which is to develop a customer interaction program aimed at retaining existing customers and increasing their loyalty. The best free crm android app comes useful there.

Customer Relationship Management Strategy

This is a strategy for attracting and managing customers, aimed at optimizing their value, loyalty and satisfaction in the long run. It implies the presence in the organization of a customer-oriented philosophy and culture aimed at working efficiency in the field of marketing, sales and customer service.

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The concept of a customer-oriented organization, which has the following features, is closely connected with the CRM strategy:

  • carefully studying the needs and requirements of the client, his requests and offering opportunities for their implementation
  • providing the client with real individual service – without expectations, inconsistencies and problems
  • providing operational information services to the client on the services, goods, prices and working conditions of the company

It can be concluded that the customer-oriented company adopts the CRM strategy and, on its basis, works with existing and new customers, building its relations on a long-term and mutually beneficial basis with the aim of increasing the sales volume and market share of the company on the one hand and best satisfying all customer needs in quality product, service with another.

Our research shows that companies in which are interested in implementing the CRM concept:

  • there are a large number of clients per manager;
  • high repeatability of sales processes and customer interactions (repeated sales of materials, equipment maintenance, long-term projects);
  • in the process of contacts with customers, the collection and control of a large amount of information and documents is necessary;
  • there is a need to formalize and analyze the information collected about clients and transactions;

An analysis of literary sources showed that the successful implementation of the CRM strategy allows companies to increase sales as a result of increasing customer loyalty, provide integrated work with customers, and conduct a more accurate analysis of the client base through formalization of customer data. Implementation allows increasing the effectiveness of marketing decisions due to a significant increase in customer information and improving the quality of customer service through a personal approach.

Author: Razai