Why do you need a translator instead of Google?

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After globalization, a lot of businesses have set up their roots in different countries of the world. You can find an American company in Philippines or a German company in Indonesia. You can find any brand in any place of the world today unless there are some restrictions or regulations.

Challenges for businesses to settle themselves in a different country

There are a lot of challenges for a company to face in a new country. The people are different. The language is different. Even the laws are different.

However the biggest challenge still remains is the change in language.

Why language is a big issue

It is a big issue because you cannot bring your entire workforce to a new country. Most of the countries have this rule where you are supposed to hire people from there in order to run your company. They want you to create jobs in their nation otherwise you cannot run your business there.

How to overcome this issue

The best way to overcome this issue is translation. You just need to translate their language into your own to understand each and everything.

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Google or a translator, what’s better?

Google also let your translate multiple languages. However it is not accurate. Therefore, a translator is a must.

Why a translator is necessary

If you hire a native speaker as a translator, he/she will translate accurately and impeccably.

Suppose you need to hire a translator for Indonesian English translate [translate inggris indonesia, which is the term in Indonesian] project. Unless that person is a native, he/she will not be able to provide you with the most accurate translations.

Google, on the other hand, translates word to word. It does not understand a sentence as whole. A native translator understands one’s language and its dialect better than Google.

It is only wise to hire a native translator instead of relying on Google for your business.

Author: Razai