Best Managed WordPress Hosting For Enterprise to check in 2022

This option will face both positive and negative arguments. It will be noted that WordPress is used by 30% of all websites in the world. It will also be mentioned that WordPress hosts a lot of small blogs and amateur websites. Concerns about security and scalability as well as enterprise support will be raised when WordPress is considered.

WordPress advocates will find a way to overcome these concerns: They’ll turn to big names like The Walt Disney Company and The White House, BBC America, Vogue and The New York Times to hand over control of their content management to WordPress.

WordPress is an enterprise CMS that offers many benefits

Traditional enterprise-grade content management platforms (Umbraco and Sitecore, to name just a few) are capable of integrating various business-critical platforms like ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), or CRMs.

You can combine Managed WordPress clusters with the right tools to do this. WordPress can also be used as a headless CMS solution. This is crucial for companies moving into the IoT era to harness non-traditional devices like voice assistants or smart wearables.

WordPress is a great tool for any user, large or small. WordPress’ ease-of-use and extensive plugin ecosystem are strong arguments for users of all types. When considering whether a tool can be adopted in an enterprise environment, it is important to consider the learning curve and availability of trained resources.

WordPress-experienced employees are easy to find, and they don’t need to be offered high salaries. A smooth learning curve also reduces training costs for existing employees.


Kinsta is trusted by some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including Ubisoft and Ricoh.

Google Cloud Platform and its premium network provide high performance. You can choose from 24 strategically located locations in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific to host your website.

WordPress VIP

WP VIP is a comprehensive solution for large media and marketing agencies. This allows them to focus on content creation while WordPress experts handle the infrastructure, performance, security, and security.

This is something that many media giants like News Corp Australia and PMC can attest to. WP VIP goes beyond hosting. It is more than just a provider of hosting. WP VIP gets involved in your projects from initial recommendations about the best models and tools for your use cases, to accompanying you through the launch and beyond.

WP Engine

You must ensure that your team of WordPress professionals is productive. WPEngine offers productivity features like separate Dev/Stage/Prod environment, Git integration and SSH gateways.

With free SSL certificates, security threat detection, proprietary caching technology and a global content distribution system, your hosting will be perfectly configured for your business. Your team won’t have to worry about WordPress updates or patches.

WP Engine services are used by large companies like Microsoft and FindLaw to maintain their WordPress installations and eliminate any concerns about security, performance, or scale.


Pagely’s value proposition is built on flexibility, reliability, and scalability. Flexible hosting solutions tailored to your needs allow for flexibility. An infrastructure built on AWS that is engineered for maximum uptime and reliability provides the stability and scalability necessary to complete the recipe.

Pagely offers managed WordPress solutions that can be divided into Enterprise Class and Business Class.


Pressidium is a company that specialises in high-end system engineering for WordPress environments. It offers exclusive features like N-Tier Enterprise High Availability, a highly-sophisticated security architecture, an extremely fast system fleet, and a team of experienced engineers. They are available 24/7/365 to solve most technical issues in minutes. There are no bots or first-level support agents.

One-click options for industrial-grade WordPress hosting by Pressidium simplify complex tasks such as creating staging environments, WordPress sites, billing transfer, instant backups and restoring SSL certificate management. You can also push staging sites to production with Pressidium.

Service providers are not enough for businesses. Businesses need partners who can be trusted when they have urgent needs. When choosing a WordPress hosting service provider, it is important to evaluate features, benchmarks and service levels. But it is even more important to determine if the company will be available to you when you most need it.

Author: Razai