Best tips for a an experienced trader who is successful in trading

Successful traders possess a “little bucket” of risk capital as well as the “big bucket” of cash they’re saving to retire or some other long-term objective.

The money in the big bucket tends to be invested in more cautious ways and is used in more long-term investments. It is not a must to make use of this money at times for trading on the day but the odds will be extremely high for you to win.

1. Be patient

Although it might seem paradoxical that successful day traders typically aren’t trading every day. They might be trading in the market or at their desk, however if they do not detect any opportunities that meet their criteria , they’ll not perform a trade for the day.

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This is a lot better than making a decision that is against your best judgement out of a nagging need to “just perform something.” Make a plan for your trades before execution.

2. Be disciplined

Also, it is important to establish a plan for trading and adhere to it. If you’re trading by yourself the risk of impulsive behaviour could be your greatest adversary.

Insanity can cause you to invest in investments that don’t seem to be as promising. Don’t expect to make a fortune in a single transaction. There are people who are blindly investing money in NFT, metaverse and web 3 projects. It is better to check for NFT marketplaces before starting with any big investment.

3. Do not be afraid to push the button

Day traders who are novices often experience “paralysis in the analysis” due to their time being caught in watching the candlesticks on their screens and don’t react quickly when an opportunity arises. If you’re focused and stick to the plan you have, then actually placing an order will be automatic.

4. Don’t put too much risk on a single trade

Make a set percentage of your daily trading budget (which could be anything between 2% and 10%, based on how much cash your account has) and be sure to limit your trade to go over that. If you don’t, you could miss out on a more lucrative opportunity on the market.

5. Do not second-guess yourself Do learn from the experience

Every day , traders suffer losing money, and you shouldn’t scold yourself when a trade isn’t going your way. Make sure, however, that you’ve have followed your rules-based plan and didn’t go out or in at the wrong time.

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Author: Razai