Read this to know why it is important to get all of your devices in factory connected over the same network:

The way products used to be manufactured in the industries has changed significantly over the past few years. The computers have been introduced in the manufacturing process for a few years, now. But today, this process has gone a step further as the technology has advanced a lot. This technology can help you to predict any possible future problem in the manufacturing process just by analyzing the data from your machineries. This has been proved to be a boon to the industry as now they can save their time and money (material costs). To connect all the devices an industrial ethernet cable is used, which is a lot more stable in transmission of the data than the regular office ethernet cable.

It is important to connect factories with the same network, it has many cons, you can also use IOt technology in the form of Machine monitoring via IP or web cam, they will surely help in increasing productivity and keeping an eye on your workplace.

Here is how the transmission and analyzing of data is helping you to avoid any extra cost:

The data through various machineries gets collected and analyzed in real time as your product goes through assembly line.This way you are ensuring that you can be made aware of any upcoming problem in advance. Back in the days, it wasn’t even possible to predict such errors before time. This used to cost a lot to the company, in terms of time and money. While connecting your machineries over the network for data analyzing, you need to make sure that you consult a professional who can help you to avoid any kind of interference during the data transmission.

Every factor owner should consider to make their factory a smart one:

As there are a lot of benefits, just by connecting all of your devices for data collection, there is no reason that you shouldn’t consider connecting all of your devices. Almost, every successful factory out there has adapted this newer technology so they can be ahead in the game. Therefore, it is advisable that you make your factory a smart one if you really want to level up your production game.

Author: Razai