5 Virtual Fundraising Ideas to Help Support a Cause


Last year, U.S. individuals gave $471.44 billion to nonprofits, a 5.1% increase from 2019.

Even with events being canceled in the wake of covid-19, people still found a way to give more than ever. This shows that online giving is just as if not more effective as in-person fundraising.

However, long-term online fundraising options will require more innovation.

If you are looking for new ways to raise money online, use these five virtual fundraising ideas.

1. Virtual Fun Run

Not all nonprofit organizations have the capacity to organize a charitable race. It requires a lot of volunteers and setup as well as a site long enough to support the race.

Instead, try a virtual fun run or 5k using your donors’ smartphones to track their distance.

You can span this event over a week as sponsors donate to the cause as your participants rack up the miles.

2. Silent Auctions

Many organizations host virtual events that they used to have in-person, like a silent auction at their gala.

Bidding is done through an app or on the charity’s website live. The auction can even have pre-bidding before the live event.

Winners are announced at the close of the auction, and items can be picked up or mailed to the recipients.

3. Trivia Game Night

Another exciting live fundraising event is a group game night. Choose from popular games like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit with categories like pop culture or information about your organization.

Live video using platforms like Zoom can allow guests to interact with each other and answer questions in real-time.

Give out raffle tickets for participating, for answering questions correctly, and for the winning team. Be sure to make the raffle prize something worth fighting for, like a vacation or expensive electronics.

4. Livestream Hybrid

If you prefer your charity work to be at a physical location, then you can always have a hybrid event. That is, have a livestream for those guests who decide to stay home but want to participate.

You can also deliver meals to their door to ensure they don’t miss out on the full experience with a full ticket price.

5. Online Discussion or Webinar

No need for volunteering in person when your guests can talk about funding, new projects, and the future of your organization online.

Host a webinar by inviting your most trusted donors, board members, volunteers, and community members. Start with introducing topics like the launch of a capital campaign, then open the platform for discussion.

End with a donation recommendation to help the ideas discussed come to life.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas Supplement Your Events

These virtual fundraising ideas don’t have to stand alone. Use them as a way to make people more comfortable donating online, but also host your physical events for people who want to attend.

Having both options will increase your earnings while making everyone pleased with your efforts.

Leave us a comment below with some of your most successful online fundraiser ideas.

Author: Razai