What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Accidents That Occur Today?


Although motorcycle accidents are not more frequent than other vehicular accidents, there are many unique causes. Approximately 3/4 of all types of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle.

Bad weather can cause dangerous riding conditions for motorcyclists. Heavy downpours obscure visibility and even a heavy drizzle can make the road slick. Yet, according to statistics, 98% of motorcycle accidents are not caused by weather.

So what does cause them? We would like to teach you about the most common types of accidents so that you can avoid them. Make sure you keep reading!


More than half of motorcyclists killed on our roads involve a collision with another vehicle. This may be head-on, which often results in death.

Other collisions occur when another vehicle turns in front of the motorcycle. The driver may not have seen the motorcycle, which is often in the car’s blind spot. Alternatively, they may have taken the turn too slowly.

It is also possible for a vehicle to hit the motorcycle from the rear.

Lane Splitting

This normally occurs at traffic lights or if there is a traffic jam. The motorcyclist rides between the two lanes of vehicles. Accidents occur because the vehicles are too close, or because the car drivers don’t expect it.

In some states, lane splitting is illegal. Riders of all types of motorcycles involved in such accidents need to consult top motorcycle accident lawyers. The riders are automatically in the wrong.

Drunk Driving

Either the car driver or the motorcyclist may have had had too much to drink. Despite efforts across the world to draw attention to this undisciplined behavior, this continues to be a high cause of accidents. Even a slight inebriation jeopardizes driver safety, regardless of the vehicle.

Road Hazards

This may be as a result of bad weather. But there are many other hazards that can cause major accidents. A poor road surface may have dangerous potholes or uneven patches.

There is also the danger of the motorcyclist hitting fixed objects. Fallen tree branches are common, and less often, so are animal carcasses.


Motorcycles are more than just a means of transport. Many riders will select the best motorcycle with high-performance abilities. When used on the open road, these can cause accidents involving another vehicle.

Motorcyclists may also lose control of their vehicle, causing a single-vehicle accident. They may get into a skid, or overestimate the tip as they take a corner.

Corner Turning

Motorcyclists who crash as a result of bad handling of the vehicle at a corner not only face possible injury from the fall. They could be hit by one or more cars where the drivers do not have time to react.

Avoid These Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicle ownership is always a major responsibility. Owners of motorcycles have no less culpability.

We’ve listed for you most of the main types of motorcycle accidents. We hope this will help you be aware of the risks you face every time you take to the roads.

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Author: Razai